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  Bob Bly, author of 95+ books and the man McGraw-Hill calls "America’s top copywriter," proudly
  announces his privately published collection of ...

Money-Making Marketing Ideas ... Control-Beating Sales Letters ... and Other Writings from the Private Files of a Shy, Reclusive 80-Year-Old Retired Direct Response Genius


Meet Bob Bly

With more than a quarter century of experience, Bob Bly has written copy for over 100 clients including Phillips, Agora, KCI, 21st Century, Weiss Research, EBI Medical Systems, Sony, IBM, AT&T, Grumman, Crain Communications, McGraw-Hill, IBM, Intuit, and AlliedSignal.

McGraw-Hill calls Bob Bly "America’s top copywriter." He is the author of more than 80 books including The Advertising Manager’s Handbook (Prentice Hall) and The Copywriter’s Handbook (Henry Holt), and writes regular columns for DM News and Early to Rise.

What they say about Bob Bly

"One of the best copywriters in the business."
--Michael Meanwell, author, "The Wealthy Writer"

"Bob Bly is one of the most successful copywriters in the world. I've used his services and purchased a lot of his materials -- and always profited from both."
--Bob Serling, President, Idea Quotient

"Considered one of the best copywriters in the country."
--David E. Wright, President, International Speakers Network

"There's no better copywriter than Robert W. Bly, the man I call the 'King of Copy.' He can teach you more about the art and science of marketing than anyone I know."
--Richard Dean Starr

"20 years ago, when Bob Bly starting teaching copywriting, the field was deeply shrouded in mystery. Now, thanks to Bob, learning copywriting, though still a tricky proposition, is much easier."
--Ken McCarthy

"For over 25 years, Bob Bly has set the gold standard in results-oriented business-to-business writing."
--Roger C. Parker, author, Looking Good in Print

"Perhaps the most famous copywriter of all."
--Apryl Duncan

"When it comes to educating his fellow copywriters and marketers, Bob Bly is the master."
--Dianna Huff

"Bob . . . Just got the copy and advertisement you did for my new book . . . It's great! You are good! Great job . . . you have tremendous insights into what excites and what sells!"
--Don Libey, Libey Incorporated

"In my opinion, you are the best copywriter in the software industry."
--Judy MacDonald, Director of Marketing, Direct Response

"I've spoken to a thousand copywriters over the years and Bob Bly is the best. He knows what he's doing."
--Joe Culotta, Natural Medicine Co.

"I am happy to report to you that your piece outproduced the 4 other packages we tested against it. I want to talk to you about another project...."
--Nick Roumi, Pacific Coast Funding

"The original ad insert of 'Wall Street's Loss is Your Gain' continues to kick butt -- pulls 12 to 15 subscriptions a week. Not bad for a $500 investment made 5 months ago."
--Charles Mizrahi, Stealth Stocks

"As a marketing professional, for 17 years I wrote my own promotional material. But I am not a professional copywriter. It wasn't until I took my own advice that I started getting the results I deserved. With Bob Bly, I got what I wanted - in the promised time frame - with re-writes - and the results I wanted. Thanks Bob!"
-- Mark Amtower, Amtower & Company

"I found your ad copy compelling, powerful ... even entertaining. You really communicated the 'feel' of the message we are selling. Thanks for such great work, Bob!"
--Ashley Earnhardt Aiken, Thomas Nelson Publishers

"Bob wrote the most ballsy ad in the history of Dynamic Changes and it set sales records this fall. People couldn’t stop themselves from responding."
--Richard Scheffren, Dynamic Changes Hypnosis

"Last year you did all the copy on the What Would Jesus Eat brochure. It was wonderful and I believe is one of the reasons that the book continues to do so very well."
--Pamela Clements, Thomas Nelson Publishers

"A special thanks to Bob for doing a superb job and making this work so well. I felt like a brilliant puppet in your hands."
--Michael Masterson, AWAI

"Even though he refuses to admit it, Bob is THE Direct Marketing guru...or, at the very least, he's mine."
--Jill Perri, American Consultants League

"I am thrilled with your package, it is doing great -- will roll out as the control."
--Chris Gast, Intuit

"Great job on the Turnaround Report; it's been a huge success. We've had an incredible product launch, with hundreds of free trials in the first week."
--Marc Stockman, TheStreet.com

"Just to let you know we have been using your 8 ways letter and brochure that you did for us last year with great success. We decided to double our monthly direct mailing. Things are really taking off. I can only attribute that to our increased direct mail program. Thank you for helping us get an effective package together."
--Ray Hardee, Engineered Software, Inc.

"Your e-mail to promote ETR pulled double the response and three times the gross revenue of the control, with a 45% increase in average order size."
--Lisa Bruette, Agora Inc.

"We're very pleased! The piece you wrote has at 43 days resulted in 204 orders and 165% ROI. I have submitted a new mail plan for a rollout for 200,000+ pieces. You'll be getting a royalty payment for this."
--George Rayburn, The Dan Ferris Power Report

"It was a pleasure to work with you. Your stuff just works. You are the best money I've ever spent. Thanks a million!"
--Gail Coopersmith, Coopersmith List Consultants

"Your copy was right on target and played a major role in one of our most successful new product launches."
--Joan Damico, GretagMacbeth

"We're still running both projects you did for us last time. They're still pulling. Great stuff.
--John Leper, Stanford International

"The first four times your half-page, 2-color ad ran in Chemical Engineering, it was the highest inquiry generating ad in the magazine. It even outscored full pages and spreads."
--Bob Berner, Robert K. Berner Associates

"We still are using [the package you did for us]. It still beats all challengers to the control."
--Mark Friedman, Medical Economics

"Potence insert is looking good, currently projected to achieve a 3.64% response with a $60 (three units of purchase) average order."
— Glory Kneass, Drs. Preferred

"The Internet direct mail you wrote for us got an excellent response: 7.55% from a rented list of hard-to-excite prospects."
— Ken Paston, Studebaker-Worthington Leasing Corp.

"Bob, since working with you last fall on the plan to position Unique Truck as a source for all shop equipment, we have cut our catalog mailings 60% with no drop in sales. I look forward to a long relationship."
— Dick Stillwell, President, Unique Truck

"Sizzling stuff... very compelling... top shelf. Thanks for your quick turnaround."
— Patrick Kephart, MasterMedia

"All who reviewed your copy agreed it was terrific. Certainly it’s the best DM copy I’ve ever had to work with, because you’ve hit the rare combination of good writing and a good knowledge of what you are writing about."
— Lois DeLong, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

"The copy is very good and certainly a fresh improvement on what we’ve done in the past. Thanks again for your help... the campaign was very successful."
— Scott Thompson, Federal Employees Almanac

"Congratulations. Your Forecasts & Strategies ‘Internet Infrastructure’ package is a winner... your piece is doing almost twice as good as our 'Y2K Sample Issue' mailing. I am looking forward to working with you again in the future."
— Chris Marett, Phillips Publishing

"Bob Bly, our marketing consultant, helped us produce over 8% response in less than 2 months after we started a marketing campaign. Not only did we get good numbers, we got inquiries from the cream of the crop on our target list. And, we generated about 350% increase in dollar business over the previous year."
— Sheila M. Anderson, President, Commercial Property Services

“The advanced renewal you wrote for Utility Forecaster is doing great! Mailed 4/29... 5.2% response (as of 5/27) and an average sale of $116. Thanks!”
— Lori Bethea, KCI Communications

“Your #10 direct mail package for Sarnoff’s Samurai Strategies has beat the pants off the control by more than 3 to 1. Congratulations and keep up the good work!”
— David Yale, M&PAv

“The letter is good... approximately 10% responded.”
— Stephen S. Flaum, Flaum Consultants

“Here is a contract for four separate direct mail packages. The More Than a Gut Feeling for Sales direct mail package is getting an excellent response—a very big thank you for your help on that project.”
— Tiffan Yamen, American Media

“The direct mail package looks great! Thanks!”
— Tammy Ray, Marketing Director, McGraw-Hill Book Clubs

“You sure write powerful copy!”
— Fred Weiss, Studebaker-Worthington Leasing Corp.

"Bly Rules!"
— Murray Raphel, Raphel Marketing

"Mr. Copy."
— Markus Allen, Publisher

"There is no greater authority on business-to-business direct response copywriting then Bob Bly. What impresses me most about Bob Bly is his knack for making things clear and simple."
--Scott Miller

"Bob Bly is among the most accomplished self-employed copywriters in recent years."
-- Steve Slaunwhite

"Bob Bly is probably the best business-to-business, high tech. industrial, direct marketing copywriter in the country."
-- John Clausen

"Perhaps the most famous copywriter of them all."
-- The Writer

"[A] freelance writing dynamo...."
-- Writer's Digest

"One of the great copywriters in the direct marketing industry...."
-- Ruth Stevens, author, The DMA Lead Generation Handbook

"...[a] copywriting giant..."
--Freelance Writer's Report

"Bob Bly is a human machine who has been outputting high-grade direct marketing copy for decades. I've read a few of his numerous books and have learned much from this pro."
-- Larry Chase, Web Digest For Marketers

"Renowned direct marketing practitioner and prolific author Bob Bly [is] nationally recognized for his control-beating copy. [He] knows how to write for results."
--Kansas City Direct Marketing Association

"Bob Bly is in the upper echelon of direct mail and email copywriters and he's an all-around direct marketing guru. In addition to hundreds of successful campaigns for technology clients, Bly has authored or co-authored more then 50 books."
--Bruce Hadley, www.softwareceo.com

"Bly is probably one of the world's most famous and experienced copywriters. He is also a noted authority on the creation of online copy and online trends."
--The Compulsive Reader

"Bob Bly is a world-class copywriter."
--Paul Hartunian

"I've known Bob for a long time. His stuff is terrific."
--Johne Forde, Copywriter's Roundtable

"I wanted to thank you for The Copywriter's Handbook and Secrets of a Freelance Writer. Both books are informative and inspirational."
- Ken Harrison

"I have read your books Selling Your Services and The Six Figure Consultant and I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge you have shared in both of these publications."
- Leah Beth Mills, Farmingville, NY

"Thanks a million for my life!!!"
- Alan Zoldan

"Your books The Copywriters Handbook and Secrets of A Freelance Writer helped me start work as a freelancer. I can't tell you how many times those books saved my skin and got me confidently through unfamiliar materials. I am very grateful for your expertise and generosity."
-Lorraine Thompson

"Well, Bob did it again, just as I had hoped. He delivered a superb lecture this morning. Some arrived late, but no one left, no one lost interest, and most stayed afterward to pester him with questions. It was a rousing success."
--Barbara Armentrout, DMAW


Dear Marketer:

If it wasn’t for Sig Rosenblum, I might never have gotten into direct response copywriting.

It was 1981, and I was working in New York City as the advertising manager of a firm that manufactured chemical equipment.

I enjoyed the work, but one day, my boss walked into my office and dropped a magazine on my desk. It was Direct Marketing magazine.

"I get this for free," he told me. "It might interest you. If not, throw it away."

I opened the magazine ... and was instantly mesmerized.

We were an industrial manufacturer, selling through sales reps. But the magazine was all about direct marketing.

A few hours reading convinced me that direct marketing could be a lot more fun than what I was doing ... and that we could increase sales by applying direct response techniques to our industrial advertising.

Several freelance copywriters advertised their services in the back of the magazine, offering free information kits.

And as a "potential client" – an advertising manager – I sent for them all.

The materials they sent were fascinating ... and one copywriter’s information package stood out above all the rest.


His name was Sig Rosenblum ... .

Two things in particular about Sig’s information kit captivated and charmed me.

The first was the writing style.

I think Sig had – and still has – the most conversational style of any copywriter I’ve ever read.

It flows with a grace – and ease – that no other copywriter quite matches.

Second was the fact that, if I hired Sig, he would not come to our offices and visit with me, as our advertising agency did regularly.

Sig made it clear that he worked with clients strictly by mail and phone (this was in the days before fax and e-mail).

I was amazed that someone could write copy about complicated products without ever meeting the client ... but Sig did it all the time.

A few months later, when I was asked to relocate from Manhattan to Wichita, Kansas, I knew my time at the firm was coming to an end.

I thought perhaps I would become a freelance copywriter.

I called Sig – and asked him if I could work for him as an unpaid apprentice ... so I could learn the ropes from a master.

He politely declined, explaining that he wrote all his own copy, did his own research, had a secretary for typing and errands, and preferred to work alone.

But he invited me to join him for lunch at the Plaza, the kind of ritzy Manhattan eatery I normally avoided.

I eagerly accepted, and a few weeks later, we met for lunch.

Sig was utterly charming – not at all a curmudgeon – and from that day forward, went out of his way to help me, a direct response novice, succeed as a freelance copywriter.

Sig was the kind of thoughtful, intelligent thinker – and clear, fluent writer – I wanted to be.

Well, I never quite reached Sig’s level. But now, nearly three decades later, I like to think I have gotten a bit closer.

Part of what accelerated my copywriting education was reading Sig’s articles in the trade publications – and copies of his sales letters, which he kindly sent me to study.

Now, the articles are long out of print, and the sales letters no longer mailing – all stored away in Sig’s private files.


In fact, many of them are now lost forever ...

Once, during a visit to Sig’s beautiful Southampton, NY home, he took me into the basement where he ran a mail order business selling original art prints to gift shops.

There were endless banks of file cabinets disappearing into the darkness of the vast underground room. Sig explained that this was where he stored his copywriting samples.

Recently, he shocked me by saying he had gotten rid of many of these file cabinets to make more room in the basement.

What happened to that treasure trove of classic Sig Rosenblum sales letters?

Hundreds have been lost forever. But Sig saved a few of his favorites – a selection I feel represents some of his best work.

Now these "lost" classics are yours in my e-book: Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets.

In Part I, you get a collection – not available through any other source – of Sig’s articles on direct marketing.

These include articles published in Direct Marketing magazine and other trade publications as well as unpublished manuscripts that have never seen the light of day – until today.

You see, my friend Sig was a great copywriter -- a superb teacher -- and a top-notch writer and editor.

He knew direct marketing, and his writings on DM techniques were among the most practical and clear of his or any other era before or since.

He started to write a couple of books teaching what he knew about direct marketing – which was considerable – but never completed these books.

Portions of the surviving manuscripts are included in this section, along with reprints of his best how-to articles.

In these pages, you will discover:

  • The 3-step writing process that banishes writer’s block -- forever. Page 10.
  • How to use the "bait piece" technique to generate a flood of new business leads. Page 25.
  • 10 secrets of writing copy that sells. Page 6.
  • The "index card method" for organizing your copy. Page 16.
  • Boosting sales revenues with "follow-up" letters. Page 32.
  • How to write an opening that grabs the reader by the lapels and won’t let go. Page 7.
  • What Hollywood can teach you about writing a compelling sales letter. Page 12.
  • How to get the prospect to take actions that lead to a sale. Page 19.
  • 22 steps to writing a winning sales letter. Page 14.
  • How to select the most powerful selling idea for your sales letter. Page 6.
  • 15 tips for writing and designing effective business reply cards. Page 40.
  • How to make a fortune in mail order. Page 43.
  • And more ...

But as the old-time mail order copywriters like Sig Rosenblum were fond of saying – "Wait. There’s more! ... .


The Sig Rosenblum sales letter collection

During his long career, Sig Rosenblum wrote a huge volume of high-performance sales letters – direct mail that brought in bundles of checks, order forms, and reply cards.

He wrote to sell. But I confess that I read his letters for the sheer enjoyment of reading a master writer.

There are some copywriters who get great results, but whose letters are clumsy ... or grating ... or loud ... or practically illiterate ... or filled with hype.

You can’t knock them – they work. But as a writer, I almost wish they didn’t.

Sig’s letters also sold ... but they did it with wit, grace, and charm.

Today, consumer direct mail is getting longer and longer.

And in consumer direct mail, the once-mighty letter package has been supplanted by a variety of self mailer formats.

These include digests ... 16-page magalogs ... 24-page tabloids ... and the bookalog -- a direct mail format that is actually a paperback book!

Sig Rosenblum wrote in an era where #10 and 6 X 9-inch letter packages ... with an occasional jumbo ... were king.

He was the master of what Denny Hatch calls "the literate 4-page letter" ... although Sig could accomplish a lot in 1 or 2 pages, too.

In Part II of Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Secrets, you can read, enjoy, and study more than 40 of Sig’s greatest sales letter at your own pace.

As you savor these letters, you can’t help but note the smooth-flowing, friendly, conversational tone ...

...the way Sig communicates an important feature or benefit in just a sentence or two ...

... the use of sentence fragments to vary the pacing and create easy transitions from thought to thought ...

... his technique of representing the product with the offer, and increasing response by selling the unique product benefits along with the offer up front ...

... and the highly personalized style, with liberal use of the pronouns "I" and "you."

In particular, take a look at:

  • The letter that sent sales soaring for the book "Pictorial History of Flight" – page 93.
  • Sig’s "easiest job in the world" letter – page 132.
  • How a French laundry got their customers to give them their dry cleaning business, too – page 115.
  • A letter that sold computers – at a time no one was using them – page 105.
  • The famous "something that always happens to the other guy" sales letter for Fortress Security Systems – page 18.
  • How to sell accordions by mail order letter – page 104.
  • A letter that sold life insurance policies… for 8-year-olds! – page 81.
  • How Frigidaire sold "refrigerator insurance" by mail – page 103.
  • Sig’s classic control letter for the Board Report Newsletter – page 62.
  • His "how to hush a hospital" letter for sound-proof wall tile – page 90.
  • Sig’s classic "How would you rate a General?' letter -- page 127.
  • The letter that launched Sig’s career as a freelance copywriter – page 84.
  • The sales letters that put California Trust Deeds on Wall Street’s radar – page 80.
  • His colorful copy that sold the Jerrican G.I. lighter by the truckload – page 66.
  • How to sell a newspaper – to people too busy to read one – page 123.
  • The letter that introduced the American workplace to a cool new idea – air conditioning – page 107.
  • Sig’s classic subscription letter for the Harvard Business Review – page 121.
  • And so many more – hours of entertaining, and educational, reading for the direct marketing professional ... .

Plus, as a bonus, you also get Sig Rosenblum’s classic essay, "How I Became a Copywriter – for the Second Time."


The $37,500 letter collection you can own for
less than what Sig charged for writing just
one paragraph of copy

So what is all that really worth to you?

Well, when Sig retired from active freelancing, he was charging $750 per page to write letters.

So to have him write just one 12-page letter for you would run $9,000 – if he would even take you on as a client (Sig was fully booked and very selective).

This collection has well over 50 pages of his letter copy (probably closer to 100), so it contains at least $37,500 worth of Sig’s one-of-a-kind copy.

But you won’t pay $37,500 or $9,000 or even $750 to own the collection of letters, articles, and writings in Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets.

That’s because it’s available to you now as a downloadable 140-page e-book for only $39.

In Part II alone, you get a portfolio of dozens of the greatest sales letters ever written – letters not available anywhere else – for less than a dollar a letter.

And that doesn’t include the dozens of direct response tips in his article collection in Part I.


Marketing pros praise Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Secrets

"This is the first book I have ever seen that can turn a direct mail amateur into a skilled professional almost overnight and save even an experienced pro many hours of struggling to get a handle on a tough assignment. I wish I could have had it at my elbow when I was a beginning copywriter myself and also later on when I was copy chiefing other semi-beginners."
--Thomas L. Collins, co-founder, Rapp & Collins

"I have been selling my writing seminars for 25 years, but I learned more from the opening letter-writing tips in Sig Rosenblum's Marketing Secrets than from almost any other book about writing. Like all great direct response writers, Sig is able to ‘cross the fence’ and dwell in the mind of his prospect. He reminds me that selling isn't just about knowing words, it's about understanding human hearts and what moves people to action."
--Gary Blake, Ph.D., The Communication Workshop

"Sig Rosenblum's Lost Marketing Secrets is a definite must for any serious copywriter, small business owner, or marketer's library shelf. If you want to mine gems from a retired genius, pay close attention to the proven sales letters that Sig used and adapt them for your own projects. Once you do, you can’t help but boost your response rate. The e-book is a superb swipe file from a master!"
--Peter Fogel, copywriter/speaker/author

"A truly amazing selection of teachings from a brilliant copywriter. Sig cuts it down to the nuts and bolts -- for writing a profit-packed sales letter in no time flat. Not to mention the artfully crafted examples that will save you both time and money. Don't let this one pass you by!"
--Sabrina Brick, copywriter

"Decades of direct mail success prove that Sig Rosenblum's advice and letters can improve your direct marketing efforts today."
--Lewis R. Elin, direct mail consultant

"This compilation of Sig's letters and mail-order musings is like a latter-day Robert Collier Letter Book, and from this day forward no direct marketing library will be truly complete without it."
-- Richard Armstrong, freelance copywriter and author, "God Doesn't Shoot Craps"

"You always deliver more than you promise and your collection of Sig Rosenblum's letters is no different. I find just rummaging through his carefully crafted sales letters a wonderful idea generator. And to think they were almost lost forever! The book earns an important place in my DM library."
-- Bob Kalian, copywriter

"This book is packed with powerful insights and advice, and the examples are pure gold. I had to stop reading when I discovered 'secret #6' on page 9 - I immediately rewrote a sales letter to my own prospects. Thank you for sharing Sig's best advice!"
-- Bob Martel, copywriter

"This is the ONE to own ... a 'lost' treasure of uncanny knowledge for all of us pros to place in our secret swipe files."
--Andrew S. Linick, Ph.D., Founder, Copywriter's Council of America

"If David Ogilvy were alive today, he might sit down at his computer and happily shell out $39 for Sig Rosenblum's Marketing Success Secrets, Robert Bly's terrific new e-book detailing the wisdom of a real direct marketing genius."
--Russell Kern, Target Marketing

"Sig Rosenblum's Marketing Success Secrets is awesome!"
--Larry Elkan


Our 100% iron-clad guarantee of satisfaction

Plus, your satisfaction with this treasury of the great Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets is fully guaranteed.

That’s right.

If you are not 100% delighted for any reason – or for no reason at all – just let me know within 90 days for a full refund.

And you can still keep the e-book free, with my compliments. That way, you risk nothing.

So what are you waiting for?

To order Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets just click below now:



Bob Bly

P.S. When my book designer gave me the galleys of Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets, it was like I had rediscovered a treasure I’d buried long ago and forgotten about until today.

Already, I have read Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets – in its entirety, cover to cover – 5 times before even launching it.

And I suspect I will read it many more times ... at least once a year, and probably more often than that.

You see, Sig’s writing is so easy and enjoyable to read, it’s a pleasure to read and reread over and over again.

Which is good for you, because with each reading, his techniques become more ingrained into your brain – and your mastery of his letter-writing secrets increases exponentially.

So don’t just sit there – get your hands on this "instant classic" of direct marketing today. You’ll be glad you did!

To review Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets for 90 days risk-free in your home or office, just click below now:

P.P.S. I really believe with all my heart that my good friend Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets is so great, it would be almost redundant to offer a free bonus with your purchase.

But then one of my colleagues reminded me how much my readers love our free bonus reports.

So reply today and you get a FREE copy of my 59-page Special Report, Take Your Copywriting to the Next Level (list price: $29).

In it, you’ll find some of the most powerful copywriting secrets I’ve learned over the decades from Sig Rosenblum, Milt Pierce, Michael Masterson, and my other mentors and colleagues.


  • 25 key questions you must ask – and answer – before you sit down to write your sales letter. Page 3.
  • Michael Masterson’s kick-butt formula for writing e-mail subject lines that can increase your open and click-through rates 25% to 50% or more. Page 38.
  • 7 secrets for writing space ads that pay back the cost of the ad space many times over. Page 32.
  • Tips on getting and using testimonials to improve the pulling power of your copy. Page 44.
  • How to write copy that sells – and sells hard – without overdoing the hype. Page 53.
  • 4 easy techniques for presenting detailed or technical product features without boring the reader to tears. Page 23.
  • Does long copy always work better than short copy? The answer is not what you think – and it may shock you. Page 50.
  • 8 characteristics that make copy effective. Skip even one, and you risk having your promotion bomb. Page 6.
  • 3 ways to get deep inside your prospect’s mind … without spending a dime on costly market research studies. Page 40.
  • And more ...

To Order Sig Rosenblum’s Marketing Success Secrets ... and get your FREE Bonus Report ... just click below now: